This Cat Replied "Nothing" When His Owner Asked What He Was Doing, and Yep, I Hear It

Some cats are definitely chattier than others, but I've never heard a kitty have a full-blown conversation until now! In a hilarious TikTok video that's amassed over 6.4 million "favorites" since it was first posted in August, we see a feline named Mikey having a legit discussion with his owner after attempting to break into a set of drawers.

Caught red-handed by his human, hilarity ensues when she asks Mikey what he's doing — he looks directly into the camera and replies "nothing" in a squeaky voice. After responding that she "doesn't think it's nothing," Mikey's owner asks him if he was trying to get into the toy and treat drawer, to which he meows "nuh-uh," and it's incredible.

Honestly, it looks like the talented cat who managed to meow "well, hi!" in a Southern accent has some competition. How impressive!