This Comedian's "If Dogs Were Human" TikTok Series Shows How Strange Our Pups Truly Are

When comedian Abi Clarke creates funny videos for TikTok, she certainly goes all in. And her series titled "If Dogs Were Human" will give even the grumpiest pet owner a reason to crack a smile. Chock-full of hilarious moments ranging from how pups react when they're caught drinking out of the toilet despite having a perfectly good (and clean!) water bowl nearby to how excited they get upon hearing humans utter the term "walk," her accuracy is astounding.

Scroll ahead to get a look at Abi's relatable clips, which are seriously taking off on TikTok. And if you're more of a cat person, be sure to check out her "If Cats Were Human" series that will have you laughing just as hard.

Comedian Abi Clarke's "If Dogs Were Human" TikTok Videos