Sweet Photos of Ramen and Pinot, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick's Golden Retrievers

Now-engaged Bachelor Nation alums Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick had a whirlwind 2019. After meeting in January and starting to date, the couple moved in together in June and made the decision to adopt their first fur baby, a golden retriever named Ramen. "A friendship turned to a relationship and now a relationship turned to a little fam," Jason wrote at the time. Just six months later, they brought home their second golden, Pinot, and swiftly became a family of four before the year was out.

Both Jason and Kaitlyn have commented on how important it was for them to adopt both of their pups and actively encourage others to do the same. "As many of you know, Pinot and Ramen were rescued from our friend, neighbor and not-for-profit Bunny's Buddies," Jason shared in December 2020. "Bunny's Buddies rescues dogs from kill shelters and finds them a healthy and happy home. Their work is incredible and as a result we find every way to give back to their organization. Working with organizations that find ways to give back to their neighbors and community is imperative!"

When the couple adopted Pinot, Kaitlyn shared that while she knew some fans would question how the duo could handle another pooch despite their constant work travel, they would make it work because saving a dog's life is what is most important. "Pinot was found in a kill shelter in South Korea and @bunnysbuddies saved him. Now he has a safe home with us. . . . This isn't about us. This is about giving a sweet innocent pup a new life. We will continue to do what we do, and just do it with 2 instead of 1."

Keep reading to learn more about Ramen and Pinot, and to see some of their most adorable photos that have been shared on both Kaitlyn and Jason's Instagrams, as well as on their shared account, @ramenpairedwithpinot.

Ramen Noodle

The couple shared that they were adopting their first pup, Ramen, in May 2019, but he went home with them on June 4. Jason shared the news on his Instagram, writing: "This morning, Kaitlyn and I made a decision to adopt . . . Ramen was abandoned and found roaming the streets of South Korea with a broken pelvis from being kicked. Kaitlyn found Ramen through an incredible organization @bunnysbuddies . . . We are so excited to give Ramen the life and love he deserves . . . all under the same roof!"

Although Kaitlyn was initially worried about Ramen taking to a sibling later that year, her worries were quickly proven to be unwarranted. "I was so worried how Ramen would react . . . But let me tell you . . . You will see through my stories that these pups took to each other RIGHT away. They snuggle, and don't leave each other's side," she wrote on Instagram. Aw!

Pinot G

On Dec. 8, 2019, Jason surprised Kaitlyn with an early Christmas gift: another golden, named Pinot! In an announcement post on his Instagram account, Jason wrote: "Welcoming our newest addition, 'Pinot G' to the family. With the help of @bunnysbuddies we rescued Pinot, who was in the exact same Kill shelter as Ramen. As devastating as it is, dogs put in these Kill Shelters have only 10 days to be rescued. The work @bunnysbuddies does is absolutely incredible and has changed Ramen & Pinot's lives, as well are ours. In just a short time of witnessing it, it's clear Pinot was Ramen's long lost best friend and brother . . . they adore one another. And the fact his name was Pinot before we got him . . . can't make this stuff up!"

Kaitlyn added of Pinot's personality: "Pinot is a big mushy sweet heart who is some how more cuddly than Ramen. He's got the SOFTEST coat, and the biggest heart." Pinot also has the cutest nickname: Potato!

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