The Seresto Flea and Tick Collar Gives Me Peace of Mind as a Pet Owner

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Update: Since this was published, a March 3 report from the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting and USA Today found that Seresto flea collars are linked to 1,698 pet deaths and more than 75,000 incident reports, including nearly 1,000 involving human harm, according to EPA documents.

Original post: I live in an incredibly rural town in central New York. While living in a quiet part of the world comes with its challenges (you can't count on every town having a gas station), it also comes with a lot of perks — fresh air, less crowds, and the ability to enjoy frequent jaunts through woodlands and fields with my dogs. Because we love walking our dogs off the beaten path, my husband and I have always been vigilant in protecting our dogs from pests. Living in an area known for its dense deer population, we used to struggle with our dogs picking up ticks and had frequent concern over the risk of Lyme disease.

A few years ago, based on a recommendation from our vet, we decided to order Seresto Flea and Tick Collars ($58) for our two dogs. (Side note: these collars are also available for cats!) While we were at first deterred by the price, years later, we haven't looked back. The Seresto collar has become a must-have item in our household and, when it comes to our dogs, we literally don't leave home without it. Here's why:

Seresto Collar, $58
  • It Gets the Job Done
    Since using Seresto collars on our dogs, we have had zero issues with ticks and fleas. While we remain diligent in checking our dogs for pests after walks (just to be safe) these checks always yield the same results: no ticks and no fleas. As someone who cares deeply for the well-being of her pets, it's amazing to have this peace of mind.
  • Superb Quality For the Price Point
    While it may be easy to look at the Seresto collar's price point and feel a little hesitant about clicking "place order," it is one hundred percent worth every penny. Aside from being completely effective in preventing pests (in my experience), its lifespan also makes it a great investment. This collar is effective for eight months, so you won't be clicking "order" too often.
  • Less Mess and Odor
    The Seresto collar is a huge step up from the chemical goop we had previously slathered onto our dogs necks for flea and tick prevention. Aside from being messy, I hated how these medicines almost always came with a distinct odor and, more often than not, we had to worry about our dogs licking the stuff off and making themselves sick. I love that the Seresto collar is non-greasy and odorless.
  • Easy On, Easy Off
    As a general rule, my husband and I don't keep collars on our dogs. We put them on when we go outside or take them for walks but choose not to keep collars on them while they are in the house to avoid the risk of choking. We make an exception, however, when it comes to our dogs' Seresto collars. We love that this collar is designed to easily pop off should our dog get caught on something. This allows us to leave the collars on at all times and still feel comfortable leaving the dogs home alone or putting our dogs in their crates.

While the market is full of different products aimed at preventing fleas and ticks, I can say with adamance that the Seresto collar has by far been my favorite. Safe, effective, and reasonably priced — as a pet owner, I can't really ask for more.