If You Need a Smile Today, Take a Look at Simone Biles's Dogs, Lilo and Rambo

Simone Biles has a lot of things: five Olympic medals, 19 World Championship medals . . . and two very cute pets! Lilo, adopted in Feb. 2018, and Rambo, adopted in May 2020, are Biles's two totally adorable French bulldogs. Their exploits are so cute and cuddly that they need their own Instagram, The Biles Frenchies, which has over forty thousand followers and counting! Whether they're going for a swim, modeling the latest pup fashions, or taking a sibling nap after a tiring day, Lilo and Rambo Biles are definitely gold-medal worthy dogs! Don't believe us? Keep reading for all the info about how they came to join the Biles family — plus a whole gallery full of the cutest pics you'll see today.

Lilo Biles

Lilo, born on Nov. 28, 2017, is the older of Simone's two Frenchies. Simone adopted her, along with then-boyfriend Stacey Ervin, Jr., in Feb. 2018, when Lilo was just 10 weeks old. "Just a little info: I'm 10 weeks old, 6lbs. & a girly girl. Florida pup living the Texas life," Lilo "wrote" on her Instagram in her first-ever post. Judging by Insta, Lilo's favorite things include cute bandanas, treats, and naps.

Rambo Biles

Rambo was born on Jan. 8, 2020, but he didn't make his first appearance on Simone's Instagram until May, four full months later. Unlike his big sister, who has even tan fur, Rambo has adorable gray-and-white splotches all over! "Hi, I'm Rambo — sweeter than cookies n' cream," reads the caption on his first Instagram appearance.

He graduated from "puppy schoool" in August 2020, but he still loves to find and chew sticks!