I Have Watched This Graceful Cat Fall Off the Refrigerator Door at Least 43 Times


i promise he's ok, to be fair i did warn him tho

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Ever heard the phrase, "If it fits, I sits?" Well, it's pretty much every cat on the planet's motto, including this playful feline named Taylor, who delicately perched himself on top of a refrigerator door in his home. Obviously, it's not wise to keep your fridge open all day, so his owner, Sav, did the only reasonably thing: she closed it.

Although she gave Taylor ample warning, the kitty must've been quite comfortable, as he refused to move off the door. In a now-viral TikTok video captioned, "I promise he's OK, to be fair i did warn him tho," we see what happens when Taylor's stubbornness gets the best of him. And we have to admit, that was one graceful fall. Show your cats this clip so they, too, can learn what happens when they don't listen to their humans!