I've Watched This Video of 2 Kittens Singing "Boom Boom Boom" 42 Times

While my cats spend their days loafing around and attempting to get their treats out of the cabinet, some kittens are working toward a life in the entertainment industry! Recently, a cat mom named Louisa Falconer took to TikTok to share an incredible mashup of her two kittens singing the "way-oh" lyric from The Outhere Brothers' "Boom Boom Boom." (Yes, that one that plays at every sporting event known to man!) Because of the incredible cuteness overload, the video has been liked more than 86,000 times so far. Fingers crossed this tiny duo makes it big because I know I'd buy a front-row seat to that concert! Need to feed your kitty obsession even more? Check out this clip of a cat casually saying both "hello" and "hi."