This Dad Serves His Cat a Meal at the Table Every Night, and Their Banter Is Everything

Many pet owners, such as myself, love showing their four-legged friends how much they appreciate them. From cans of tuna to new toys, seeing my kitties get excited truly makes my heart flutter. I, however, have nothing on @emilycrowder_97's dad, who spoils their kitty Cornelius absolutely rotten by feeding him at the kitchen table. Well aware that the cat is far and away the "favorite child," the TikTok user has begun sharing their dad's interactions with Cornelius on the social media app.

From hooking Cornelius up with his own placemat to feeding him a variety of foods that include beans and roast-beef sandwiches, @emilycrowder_97's father knows no limits. When you factor in the endearing conversations he has with Cornelius — which revolve around getting the cat to eat his sprouts — the whole situation becomes even more humorous.

Scroll ahead to get a look at some of the hilarious moments that this insanely spoiled kitty has shared with his owners. I guess it's really true: cats do run the household . . . as long as they clear their plates!

Funny TikTok Videos of Cornelius Being Spoiled Rotten