Congress Is a Dog-Friendly Workplace — Get to Know Some of the Pups on the Hill!

Despite the partisan divide between members of Congress, there is one thing they can agree on — how much they love dogs. President Joe Biden's dogs, Champ and Major, have plenty of four-legged friends to play with around DC because Capitol Hill is a dog-friendly place to work! In fact, it has been since the 1800s, according to NPR. Plenty of current congressmen and congresswomen enjoy bringing their pups to the office to spread some joy in what can be a very serious workplace. Keep reading to meet some of the dogs of Congress!

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Deco

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has an adorable french bulldog named Deco. Rep. Ocasio-Cortez tweeted she wanted Deco to become a "community pup" who is able to go to work with her and enjoy Capitol Hill.

Senator Elizabeth Warren and Bailey

Supporters of Sen. Elizabeth Warren are very familiar with her golden retriever, Bailey. Warren's fluffy companion joined her on the campaign trail in 2020 and even has his own Twitter account.

Senator Brian Schatz and Jupiter

Jupiter, Sen. Brian Schatz's merle great dane, loves to lounge around the house and play with toys, as all good pups do. You can follow along with Jupiter's adventures on Sen. Schatz's Instagram.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Maple

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's adorable goldendoodle, Maple, clearly loves New York winters. Maple can be camera-shy, but you can find some of her best moments on Sen. Gillibrand's Instagram.

Representative Van Taylor and Sully

Sully, Rep. Van Taylor's dog, has his own Instagram account, @doodleonthehill! Learn about Sully's life in DC — and peep some cute pics of how Sully enjoys his downtime.

Senator John Hickenlooper and Skye

Colorado Sen. John Hickenlooper's dog, Skye, may be retired now, but she was once a service dog. As part of a Colorado prison reform program, Skye was trained by an inmate to become a service animal. Now, she likes to hang out with the Hickenloopers and enjoy retired life.

Representative Ted Deutch and Ziggy

Being from Florida, Ziggy loves to spend time at the beach with owner Rep. Ted Deutch. But Ziggy also has lots of friends at the office. "There is nothing quite like the excitement and unconditional love of a pet. Our canine co-workers keep our entire office energized," Rep. Deutch told Roll Call.

Representative Suzan DelBene and Reily

Rep. Suzan DelBene and her golden retriever, Reily, love spending time together outdoors. According to WTOP News, Rep. DelBene found Reily wandering around her neighborhood and has been with him ever since.

Representative Tim Ryan, Bear, and Buckeye

Rep. Tim Ryan went to the shelter to adopt one dog and came home with two. And who could blame him? His dogs, Bear and Buckeye, are absolutely adorable and love spending time with the family.

Senator Steve Daines, Reagan, Jessie, and Ruby

Sen. Steve Daines has three dogs, Reagan, Jessie, and Ruby, whom he loves to take on scenic hikes. Sen. Daines frequently shares pictures of his pups living large in Montana.

Representative Brenda Lawrence and Kanan

Though Kanan technically belongs to the congresswoman's daughter, Rep. Brenda Lawrence is still very close with the miniature goldendoodle. Kanan visits Rep. Lawrence at the office, and is so cute he was a finalist in the Animal Health Institute's Cutest Pets on Capitol Hill Contest.

Representative Susan Wild and Zoey

Rep. Susan Wild's dog, Zoey, has her own Instagram account documenting her life as a Congress dog. Zoey hasn't posted recently, but her account archives some adorable photos of her time in DC.

Senator Jeff Merkley and Juneau

Juneau, Sen. Jeff Merkley's senior husky mix, has been an office dog for a long time — since 2011, according to Roll Call. Sen. Merkley's chief of staff said he makes everyone smile bigger — and we can see why.

Representative Steve Cohen, Stevie, and Beasley

Rep. Steve Cohen has two dogs around the office, Stevie and Beasley, who are both devout Washington Nationals fans. According to Rep. Cohen, "Ambassador of Joy" Stevie and "Sergeant at Paws" Beasley work full-time at his office representing the people of Memphis.

Senator Deb Fischer and Fred

Nebraska Sen. Deb Fischer loves her 4-year-old goldendoodle, Fred. "Fred is undeniably adorable," Fischer told Roll Call. "He brings a smile to everyone who sees him. . . . When we walk through the halls, Fred sees everyone who passes as a new friend to greet."

Senator Roy Blunt and Max

Sen. Roy Blunt has a yorkipoo named Max who regularly accompanies him to the office. "Max may be small but he has a big personality," Blunt told Roll Call. "As soon as we get into the office, he sprints off to find someone to pet him or give him a belly rub. . . . No matter how tough or busy the day gets, Max puts everyone in a good mood."

Senator Thom Tillis and Mitch

Sen. Thom Tillis is known for his love of dogs. He has previously organized a Halloween dog parade, the Bipawtisan Dog Costume Parade, and loves to share snaps of his pup on social media.

Representative Jimmy Gomez and Austin

While Austin, Rep. Jimmy Gomez's rescue dog, can't always be in DC, he loves to hang out with his dad when he's back in California. When Austin is in DC, however, he works hard, "greeting constituents, eating leftovers, and helping staff deal with the stresses of working in the House of Representatives," Rep. Gomez's staff told Roll Call.

Representative Ted Lieu and Abbott

Rep. Ted Lieu's dog, Abbott, is a politically engaged pup! And he looks dapper with a haircut.

Representative Stephanie Murphy and Kona

Though Kona hasn't quite mastered office etiquette — Rep. Stephanie Murphy said she had to remind him that he can't bark during telephone town halls and interviews — his adorable face makes it hard to stay mad.