I'll Be Lovingly Staring at This Photo of Champ and Major in the Oval Office For the Next 4 Years

Let's be real: the absolute best part of the Biden administration so far has been the presence of Major and Champ, the Bidens' two adorable German shepherds. The First Dogs have had a month to settle into their new home, and now the first official picture of the furry duo in the Oval Office has been released!

It is, as you might expect, very, very cute. Champ lounges on the blue carpet in front of the famed Resolute Desk, just a few inches away from the presidential seal on the carpet. His younger brother Major sits perkily a few feet away, where President Biden leans against the desk and rests his hand on Major's head. If it weren't for the surroundings, it could be a picture of any dogs with their owner, just casually hanging out. It's pretty clear already that Champ and Major have made themselves at home in the White House, even in the most important spaces like the Oval Office!

Their dad, at least, knows exactly who runs the place. "Not many people have Oval Office walk-in privileges. Happy to report that these two are on the list," President Biden tweeted, along with the picture. It's not the only image of the First Dogs that has come out in recent days, either: the official White House Flickr shared an image of Champ chilling out in the Oval Office, laying in what appears to be his favorite spot, while the president meets with advisors on the couches nearby. We're sure he took very good meeting notes! (No word on where Major was during this very important meeting).

Champ, of course, has been in Washington before, since he was part of the family when Biden was serving as vice president during the Obama administration. Major, on the other hand, is a newbie, having just been adopted by the Bidens in 2018, but he looks very comfy with his new digs too. Here's hoping we get to see plenty of Champ and Major over the next four years!