These Cats Are Totally Having a Deep Conversation, and I Could Watch This All Day

Prepare to smile so wide your cheeks hurt: this video of two cats having a "romantic conversation" in which they purr-meow back and forth to each other is so dang cute, you'll probably say "Awwww" out loud completely involuntarily. In the video, which was shared to Reddit, the two cats can be seen laying down side by side, taking turns chirping at each other.

Even as the owner of two cats who love to snuggle and clean each other all day (and run amok all night), I've never seen anything quite like these two kitties' verbal rapport. I'm not sure if it's romantic, as the caption of the video suggests, but it sure is pretty dang precious. And the ending? I melted, that's all I can say!

Watch the full sweet video above; these little ones are seriously so adorable, we can't stop smiling!