These Zoos and Zookeepers on TikTok Are Practically Guaranteed to Brighten Your Day!

Zookeepers seem to have one of the best jobs out there. They get to hang out with cute animals all day, taking care of them while teaching others about nature. But with zoos and aquariums temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, zookeepers needed to find new ways to continue sharing their amazing animals with audiences. Many found their stride on TikTok, posting adorable videos of otters, elephants, and more. If you're looking for more cute (and informative) animal content for the timeline, follow these 15 zoos and zookeepers on TikTok. You'll be watching their videos on loop!

Oregon Zoo

Get to know penguins, elephants, otters, and more on the Oregon Zoo's TikTok. They post lots of entertaining videos of their cute animals — but their red pandas are especially adorable.

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo uses tons of viral TikTok sounds — and for good reason! They pair perfectly with the zoos plethora of animals. If you want to see a zoo's take on all the popular TikTok trends, make sure to follow along.

Jay's Prehistoric Pets

Jay Brewer has a longtime love for animals, and his one-of-a-kind pet superstore, Prehistoric Pets, is all about reptiles and amphibians. Follow Jay and his prehistoric friends for some crazy videos of snakes, alligators, and more.

Aquarium of the Pacific

Learn more about marine life with the Aquarium of the Pacific. In addition to the requisite cute animal videos, they go live Tuesdays at 3 p.m. PT to teach their audience about marine life and what it's like to work at an aquarium.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium's TikTok page shares some awesome shots of sea creatures (with silly nautical puns in the captions), while also teaching viewers about ocean life. Monterey Bay encourages viewers to comment with videos they want to see, so if you're dying to learn more about a specific part of marine life, let them know!

Zookeeper Andie

Follow Zookeeper Andie Panda for an inside look at life at the Cincinnati Zoo, especially it's most famous resident, Fiona the hippo! As an animal trainer, Andie shares videos of all the animals she works with, including her own pup, Timber.

Fort Worth Zoo

Voted the best zoo in North America by USA Today readers, the Fort Worth Zoo is home to 7,000 animals. They share videos of some of the more exotic animals enjoying life at the zoo!

Zookeeper Melanie

Zookeeper Melanie is a must-follow for any animal-lover. Not only does she share behind-the-scenes shots from her job, but she educates viewers about her work as a conservationist and donates her creator funds to animal conservation. Not only do you get to watch cute videos of amazing animals, but your clicks go to a good cause!

Shedd Aquarium

After a video of penguins exploring their home at the Shedd Aquarium went viral, they became a beloved internet sensation. The penguins have explored the Amazon exhibit, the beluga whales, and even Soldier Field in honor of the Super Bowl. Follow along on TikTok to keep up with the latest penguin "field trips."

The Reptile Zoo

If a snake is your pet of choice, check out the Reptile Zoo on TikTok. Trainers introduce their animals, record feeding times, and teach viewers about some of their more dangerous animals.

Zookeeper Nick

If you're looking for someone to answer your burning questions about wildlife, follow Zookeeper Nick. He shares tons of videos of the animals he works with, and answers viewers' questions about animals and zookeeper life.

Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium shares some incredible shots of its animals, as well as informs viewers about the release work it does. Follow its account to see some heartwarming moments.

Wildlife Will

Will Whisennand, a zookeeper at the Austin Aquarium, shares hilarious videos of his charges. Follow him to brighten your day, and learn a few fun facts you didn't know you needed.

Cincinnati Zoo

For anyone in love with Fiona the hippo, the Cincinnati Zoo is a must follow. Not only do they keep viewers updated on beloved Fiona, but they share videos of their other animals, like John the lion and Kris the cheetah.