A Woman Was Accidentally Reunited With a Dog She Fostered, and Talk About a Happy Accident

Kate Howard, a Kentucky-based journalist, recently had an experience that's practically too sweet to believe. In a now-viral Twitter thread, she explained how she was minding her own business on her porch when a dog made her way into Kate's yard. A dog-lover herself, Kate was amused to see the four-legged friend plop down on her property. After hearing the dog's owner call her Winnie, she realized that she's crossed paths with the dog before . . . when she fostered her a few months prior! Kate confirmed with the dog's owner that Winnie's name hadn't changed since she was adopted, and yup, it's the same flippin' pupper.

Scroll ahead to learn how the entire situation went down. Sometimes you really can have perfect timing!

Kate's Story About Winnie Finding Her Again