What to Know About Love, Luck, and Retrogrades in 2023, According to Astrologers

After a tumultuous and unprecedented few years, you may be wondering what you can expect from 2023.

If you're searching the cosmos for answers, we have good news: For POPSUGAR's Twitter Spaces series "We Have Thoughts," we invited astrologers Aliza Kelly and Dossé-Via Trenou to discuss what this year may bring, according to astrology. Together with Social Strategy Coordinator Tasha Dowbachuk and Senior Fitness Editor Lauren Mazzo, Kelly and Trenou shared their 2023 astrological predictions for love and success, the year's most anticipated astrological moments (looking at you, Mercury retrograde), and how the new year may affect the zodiac signs.

Ready to explore what awaits you in 2023? Keep reading to unpack everything you need to know — and don't forget to read your 2023 horoscope, according to your zodiac sign, as written by Trenou.

The Overarching Energy of 2023

Much of the year's energy will be colored by the movement of Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance. Jupiter is in fire sign Aries until May 16 and has been there more or less since May 2022. "I feel that Jupiter in Aries for the first five months of the year will help catapult us to a version of ourselves that reconnects us to our inner child and a world of possibilities," says Trenou, creator of astrology app KnowTheZodiac and platform ScorpioMystique and author of "Signs & Skymates: The Ultimate Guide to Astrological Compatibility." Jupiter moves into Taurus in May, where it will stay for about a year. Trenou believes Jupiter in Taurus will help us "ground ourselves and remember the importance of being present."

The Forecast For Love in 2023

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, you may be wondering if love is in the air for 2023. You can get some insight into how this year will affect your sign's love life specifically by looking at your 2023 love horoscope and sex horoscope. In general, though, Trenou believes Jupiter in Aries is currently teaching us the power of self-love. Then, as May arrives, there may be more emphasis on partnered relationships. "I think that when [Jupiter] shifts into Taurus, the sensual energy and Venusian energy will remind us that it's OK to want to be loved and in partnership," Trenou adds.

This spring, Saturn — the planet of boundaries — also enters dreamy water sign Pisces on March 7, where it will remain until May 2025. This transit could teach us how to love again and let our walls come down, Trenou says. "We will be very astonished by how Saturn in Pisces can teach us to release this armor and remember that we have always been love and love courses through us infinitely." Reflecting on the period of these last three years can help you bring any love lessons from this transit into the future with you. "Tap into what Saturn in Aquarius taught you and be grateful for how much you've grown these past two years since March 2020, personally and collectively, and see what happens next for you," Trenou says.

Another important love transit to keep an eye on for 2023? Venus retrograde. "It's actually happening within 15 minutes of the sun entering Leo on July 22" and ends on Sept. 3, says Kelly, author of "There Are No Coincidences" and founder of the Constellation Club. "When we have Venus in Leo, it's sort of the most unabashed, adorned version of love, just that devotional, high-vibe — for lack of a better word — kind of love." Kelly also adds that she is looking forward to seeing when Saturn applies its hardworking discipline to dreamy, transcendental Pisces, which she describes as romantic, emotional, and spiritual. "I think exactly as Dossé-Via said, it's really going to be about teaching us how to love."

The Forecast For Luck and Success in 2023

Looking for luck in the new year? You're not alone — but no signs are going to be significantly luckier or less lucky than others this year. Luck and success "is very transit-based," Trenou says, meaning your luck will depend on more specific periods of time and exactly what's happening in the sky. So "just because one sign seems to be luckier at one part of the year doesn't mean it will be forever," Trenou says. Everyone will experience degrees of luck and abundance at some point and in some way, shape, or form, Kelly confirms. (To see when that might happen for you, take a look at your 2023 career and money horoscope.)

You can also actively make your own luck. There's a correlation between manifestation and astrology as practices of truth telling, Kelly says. "Astrology is looking at yourself and seeing yourself and loving yourself as a multidimensional being," she says. "So the more that we can understand our truth, who we really are, the more we can also understand, well, these are the things that I really not want but need in this lifetime."

What to Know About Retrogrades in 2023

Mercury isn't the only retrograde to keep in mind for 2023. Pluto, which has been in Capricorn since 2008, will advance into Aquarius in March 2023, then retrograde back into Capricorn for a short time. "I'm very curious and excited about Pluto's final retrograde in Capricorn," Trenou says. "I think we're going to start to see tremendous progress when it comes to letting go of what's been destructive and making room for something new to grow."