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How to Be Happy in Your 20s

24 Ways to Stay Sane in Your 20s

Adolescence may have been a wild roller coaster, but honestly, it's not that dissimilar once you hit your 20s; it's just a different kind of roller coaster, really. It might not be the one that dips up and down like crazy, but it's a bit rocky and head-jerky all the same.

Basically, it's not easy to stay sane in your 20s, what with graduating college, moving out of home, finding new jobs, being in serious relationships, dealing with relocations, (possibly) getting married . . . it's enough to make your head spin (or fall off!). Don't worry — there are some legit ways to keep your brain functioning like a normal human. Proceed massive epic list.

  1. Take a jog outside. You'll feel like you're getting something off your chest.
  2. Or take a walk if you don't do that whole running thing.
  3. Complete a puzzle, whether on your phone or in real life. It'll take your mind off your problems.
  4. Watch Sex and the City. They're in their 30s but going through the same sh*t.
  5. Listen to Norah Jones. So relaxing. It's like taking a bubble bath in sound. Ahh.
  6. Drink wine. Obviously.
  7. Take a spontaneous trip for a weekend. Don't bring anyone with you.
  8. Read memoirs about fab women. Seriously, they're inspiring.
  9. Ditch your phone for a day.
  10. Consider a pet. Pets help you stay sane.
  11. Use Meetup to attend cool events and make new friends.
  12. Take yourself out to a nice dinner.
  13. Nap for a half hour a day. It's good for you.
  14. Stop checking social media every second.
  15. Don't get jealous when your friends get engaged. Your time will come!
  16. Buy a plant for your work desk.
  17. Call home at least once a week. And no, texting doesn't count.
  18. Save your money. You'll thank yourself later!
  19. But take a shopping trip with your friends once in a while. A little indulgence never hurt anyone.
  20. Volunteer in your community. It'll put things into perspective.
  21. Learn how to meditate.
  22. Cook yourself breakfast in the mornings. You can take the easy route.
  23. Do something crazy, like sky-diving or bungee jumping. We know this seems counterproductive, but it's actually refreshing.
  24. Love the person you've become and the person you're becoming. You're ever-evolving, and you're wonderful in every condition.
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Matthew Barnes
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