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How to Increase Energy

7 Ways to Boost Your Energy and Get More Done

If you're feeling sluggish and can't seem to get anything done, perhaps it's time to work on your internal store of energy. By reinvigorating yourself, you'll be able to get more things done and have an easier time completing tasks. Here are changes you can make in your lifestyle to increase your energy.

Get better sleep

Sleep is key when it comes to fatigue. It's a time when your body rests and regenerates itself for yet another day. If you're having problems with sleep, get a physical to first see if there's something off with your body healthwise. Perhaps you aren't getting enough iron, or maybe there's a deeper health issue that needs to be rectified like thyroid problems. Start practicing good sleep habits like going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, making sure you're only exposed to dim lighting when it's close to bedtime, and experimenting to find your sleep sweet spot to make sure you're not sleeping too much or too little. Here are more suggestions on how to improve your sleep.

Move around more

Even though it may seem like exercising will make you more tired, the truth is, engaging in physical activity will increase your energy. Set a regular schedule and try to work out at least three times a week. And if you're feeling like you're stuck in a slump at work, even a brisk 10-minute walk will energize you. Challenge yourself by taking the stairs and investing in a pedometer ($23, originally $32) to motivate you. A pedometer is basically a gadget that measures how much you walk a day. The recommended amount of steps for an active lifestyle is 10,000 a day.

Clean your home

Your home is a place for you to unwind and relax, so having a cluttered home can make you antsy. Gazing upon a mound of clothing instead of open, clean space is enough to make anyone stressed out. Having an untidy home is like facing a visible, never-ending to-do list all the time. Give yourself a break and start tackling the clutter in your home. If it seems overwhelming, start by resolving to dispose of one type of item a day. Here's a list to get you started.

Eat and drink right

You are what you eat, and what you ingest can definitely have a big impact on your energy. What you drink is also important; being dehydrated can make you feel fatigued. Drinking too much coffee can lead you to crash after the effect wears off. Too much sugar can also spike your blood sugar, which, although it can give you a boost of energy, will quickly drop and leave you feeling more tired than ever. Watch what you eat and what you drink. Drinking coffee or alcohol too close to bedtime can also affect your sleep.

Have some "me" time

Take a moment to yourself to relax after a long day. It's important to manage your stress levels because stress can definitely sap your energy. Read a favorite book or watch a funny YouTube video to kick back and relax. Be sure to pick an activity that won't stress you out even further. For example, watching reality TV can possibly put someone in a more negative frame of mind.


Pick up the fine art of meditation; it can work wonders for your brain and even help you bounce back better from stress. In fact, scientists have found that people who have trained in meditation have different brain activity than those who haven't trained. They respond better to situations that would cause us to lose emotional control.

Take a break

Perhaps what you really need is a break from work. Go on a vacation to relieve your stress and renew your energy.

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