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Organizing Tips From a Professional

5 Lifesaving Habits of a Real-Life Professional Organizer

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gIt's no wonder the cofounder of Done & Done NYC, a professional organizing, de-cluttering, and staging business, is just as organized in her personal life as her professional life. Abby Löfberg has the scoop on how Kate Pawlowski's daily routine stays on track.

Our cofounder Kate Pawlowski is 28 years old and the most high-functioning person I know. (Read her bio here). What's great about her is that she gives advice that someone like me (who doesn't "run a home" and is not naturally organized) can actually follow and implement.

I grilled her about her entire day, and gleaned a couple of great habits that she does unconsciously and without thinking. She says that these are so easy, they don't feel overwhelming — they become ingrained into your habits, and you end up looking forward to the feeling of relief you get after such little effort, like brushing your teeth in the morning.

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