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Quick Ways to Boost Your Mood Instantly

27 Quick and Easy Ways to Instantly Improve Your Mood

Need a fast happiness fix? Sometimes all you need is just a small act to instantly boost your mood. Whether it's a fresh, hot cup of coffee or a short drive around the neighborhood with the windows down, those tiny moments can make a major impact. Keep reading for a list of quick and easy ways to instantly feel happier, then check out tips to feel better about yourself plus the habits of satisfied people.

  1. Slip on your favorite dress, just because.
  2. Text your longtime BFF a memory from years ago.
  3. Do 100 jumping jacks — no, seriously, it works.
  4. Send a funny card to someone you love.
  5. Turn on a '90s jam and belt it out.
  6. Go for a drive around the neighborhood, windows down.
  7. Try your hand at some fun nail art.
  8. Initiate a makeout session.
  9. Take a 20-minute nap.
  10. Light a favorite candle (or three).
  11. Say "I love you" — and mean it.
  12. Run a hot bath. Add bubbles.
  13. Read the first chapter of a book you love.
  14. Bring your neighbors a treat.
  15. Clean out that drawer you've been meaning to get to for months.
  16. Rewatch Adele and Ellen DeGeneres's hilarious prank.
  17. Brew a hot cup of coffee or tea.
  18. Apply a luxurious face mask.
  19. Buy and arrange some flowers.
  20. Have sex.
  21. Start a Pinterest board to plan your next vacation.
  22. Write a thank you note.
  23. Make your bed.
  24. Dive into a magazine.
  25. Put on a pair of shoes you really love.
  26. Sit in the sun.
  27. Set up a future dinner date with friends.
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