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How to Feel Better About Yourself

50 Ways to Feel Better About Yourself When You've Lost Your Self-Confidence

How to Feel Better About Yourself
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When you're doubting your self-worth, it can be hard to know how to find self-confidence and self-respect again. Maybe your normal coping mechanisms just aren't working this time, and you don't know how to feel better again. Maybe self-help advice like mantras and affirmations are feeling a lot like toxic positivity. Or maybe you can't muster up the energy to even try the tips and tricks you typically turn to when you need to think about things differently when you're having an attack of insecurity or stuck inside an anxiety cave. Feeling low about yourself can even be alienating — sometimes, it seems like everyone else in the world has their stuff together, and you're the only one to be struggling with a case of self-doubt. (Not true, for the record.)

How To Feel Better

The truth is, there's no magic formula for instantly having a change of heart. And if your bad mood is persistent or intense enough to disrupt your daily routine and life, it's essential for you to seek additional help, such as virtual or in-person therapy.

But for days when you're feeling blah about yourself or your abilities, there are small steps you can take to feel better about yourself. Feeling down can be triggered by seemingly insignificant moments or monumental issues that feel impossible to fix — but no matter what has you doubting your self-worth, try some of these suggestions to make a little progress today. Not every tip is for every person, but chances are you'll find at least a handful that will work for you. Even just reading through the list can provide a mood boost, by reminding yourself that there are little actions you can take to boost your self-confidence.

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