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Simple Things in Life to Enjoy

34 of Life's Simplest Pleasures That You Should Never, Ever Take For Granted

Simple Things in Life to Enjoy

Life is so, so beautiful, but between work, relationships, social media, and the seamlessly endless cycle of heartbreaking news, it can be really easy to forget that fact. But one of the most important lessons we can learn is that it's the simplest things that can have the biggest impact. From watching a sunset (and I mean really watching it, no phone or distractions in sight) to laughing with your best friends to diving into a good book, life is full of simple pleasures when you take the time to slow down and look. And it's those moments — the ones that you don't necessarily buy — that you should cherish the most.

So, the next time you walk barefoot in the grass, soak up the feeling of it between your toes. And the next time you see a rainbow after a storm, ask yourself how you would feel if it was the last rainbow you'd ever see. Would you appreciate it more? Would you pull over to study its beauty? Keep reading for 34 of life's simplest pleasures, and remember to always stop and smell the roses (literally).

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