11 Instagram Accounts to Follow That Will Fill Your Feed With Beautiful and Inspiring Quotes

If there are three things we could all use a little more of right now, they're hope, encouragement, and positivity. Quotes and words have the power to make us feel truly seen, heard, and uplifted in a way that few things can, and one of the best places to find them is on social media. While Instagram is full of things like selfies and food photos, if you know where to look and who to follow, you can fill your feed with positive energy that uplifts you instead of brings you down. So if you spend a good chunk of your day scrolling through Instagram, we rounded up some of the most encouraging accounts to follow. They're filled with empowering and inspirational quotes and the perfect addition to your day.


Morgan Harper Nichols

Morgan Harper Nichols is a poet and artist whose incredible, moving words are "inspired by real life and in-the-moment experiences." After you follow her on Instagram, you can also download her app Storyteller, which features daily inspirational words and encouraging wallpaper art.

Follow Morgan on Instagram here.


Positively Present

Artist and author Dani DiPirro's account is filled with her own designs of vibrant, cheerful quotes that both remind you to stay present in the moment and keep a positive mindset.

Follow Dani on Instagram here.


Quotes by Christie

If you're all about straightforward inspirational quotes, you'll want to add Quotes by Christie to your feed; it features an endless array of perfect, bold quotes fit for every feeling.

Follow Christie on Instagram here.


My Self-Love Supply

Sometimes we all need a reminder to keep self-love and self-care at the top of our daily to-do lists, and My Self-Love Supply does just that.

Follow My Self-Love Supply on Instagram here.


Laura Jane Illustrations

From her "post-its of positivity" to her encouraging quotes, Laura Jane's illustrations are both relatable and inspiring. Beyond Instagram, you can also take home some of her designs in the form of quote stickers and wall prints.

Follow Laura on Instagram here.


The Happy Newspaper

The Happy Newspaper is — you guessed it — a newspaper featuring nothing but positive, happy news! In between the quarterly issues, creator Emily Coxhead shares a small daily dose of it on her Instagram account.

Follow The Happy Newspaper on Instagram here.


Artsy Affirmations

Artsy Affirmations creates encouraging quotes, charts, and illustrations — all of which look beautiful enough to be hung on your wall.

Follow Artsy Affirmations on Instagram here.


Stacie Swift

Sometimes you just need a little extra brightness in your life and on your social feeds, and Stacie Swift's delightful illustrations and cheerful quotes deliver just that.

Follow Stacie on Instagram here.


Jess Rachel Sharp

Not only can you scroll through Jess Sharp's perfect motivational reminders, but if they inspire you enough, you can even order prints of them for constant at-home encouragement.

Follow Jess on Instagram here.


Mantra Magazine

Mantra Magazine is all about well-being and self-love, and in addition to its print magazine, its Instagram account also offers a constant source of inspiring quotes that reflect everything you're feeling.

Follow Mantra Magazine on Instagram here.