This Artist Turns Celebrities Into Disney Characters — See Billie Eilish as Ariel and Rapunzel

Want to see magic in the making? TikToker (and extremely talented artist) Julia Gisella is here to show you just that. Her TikTok page is filled with creative mashups that involve celebrities transforming into nostalgic TV shows characters, Bratz dolls, emoji, and so much more. Julia's work has gained her recognition among TikTok users, who are constantly asking her to portray their favorite celeb as a new character. When fans asked her to give the edgy Billie Eilish a magical Disney spin, she did just that, and the results are truly amazing.

The artist altered two iconic Disney princesses, Ariel and Rapunzel, into Billie Eilish with the help of creative coloring and small tweaks to their appearances, creating new works of art. Keeping the same features of the characters while adding a new twist, Julia produced mashups that are absolutely mesmerizing. See the Disney characters turned singer when you watch how she transformed them into Billie Eilish here. Feel free to hop in Julia's TikTok comments and request your must-see variation — trust us, you'll be amazed by what she can do!