These Walking Sticks Are So Stylish, They Deserve Every Instagrammable Moment

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Ah, walking sticks. For being such an important mobility aid for so many of us, a lot of them just don't make the cut style-wise . . . until now. Yup, we finally found a brand that makes stylish walking sticks, and they come in a handful of glittery fluorescent colors that will make you feel like a fashion queen (or king!). The mobility aids are by the brand Neo-Walk — a UK-based company that ships to the US — and are dapper enough to accompany you to any occasion: holiday party, vacation, school dance, you name it, this brand has a walking stick for it. Find these escorts in all sorts of fun styles and make walking with a stick not only enjoyable but fashionable too. Pick out your favorite stick, put in the correct measurements for your body, and you're ready to get walkin'! See some of our favorite styles spotted on Instagram, and don't forget to check out their website for more!

Amethyst Quartz Walking Stick

Strike a pose! The Amethyst Quartz Walking Stick ($92-$141) has such a photo-ready look to it.

Amethyst Quartz Walking Stick

The bubbles inside the Amethyst Quartz Walking Stick ($92-$141) are so cool.

Colbalt Blue Walking Stick

Peas in a Pod Walking Stick

The calming green color of this Peas in a Pod Walking Stick ($84-$133) will make you feel supported in more ways than one.

Atlantic Spray Walking Stick

Just wait until you put the Atlantic Spray Walking Stick ($92-$120) under sunlight — it sparkles!

Pistachio Walking Stick

Stand out with this unique Pistachio Walking Stick ($56-$84).

Clearly Yours Walking Stick

The Clearly Yours Walking Stick ($84-$111) disappears completely, allowing the focus to be on something else, like your cute outfit.