If You're One of These 3 Zodiac Signs, Brace For the Nov. 4 New Moon

If you thought you could scoot through the last two months of 2021 unscathed, be warned: you're not out of the woods yet. The universe has more surprises up its sleeve for everyone in the coming weeks. More specifically, the Nov. 4 new moon in Scorpio, arriving at 5:14 p.m. ET, will likely bring some level of transformation, on many levels, to each zodiac sign. On the same day, the sun will move opposite Uranus, the planet associated with unexpected shakeups and changes, as well as rebellion and extremes. Emotionally speaking, the new moon will affect each sign a little differently, of course, but three zodiac signs may feel its wrath more than the rest. The bottom line? You might want to brace yourself for some pretty major life changes you didn't see coming.

Now, this isn't a cause for panic by any means (I probably should've led with that), so let's break it down. Because a new moon signals the start of a new lunar phase, it's often associated with new beginnings and intention setting. The flip side of new things coming in is often an end to certain life trends or cycles that are no longer serving you. Because the November 2021 new moon is stationed in Scorpio — ruled by Pluto and Mars and associated with death, rebirth, and passion — the likelihood for some emotionally heavy cycles ending and new ones beginning is even higher. Perhaps there's a one-sided friendship slowly draining your emotional battery or a negative thought pattern dragging you down. Regardless, this lunar event is asking you to introspect and ready yourself to shed something in your life that isn't working. Here's how the November 2021 new moon could emotionally affect the following zodiac signs.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): The Nov. 4 New Moon Could Really Shake Up Your Relationships

Scorpio, I feel like you need a hug. You are no stranger to transformation — your secondary ruling planet Mars makes sure of it — but between it being your birthday month, the Nov. 4 new moon occurring in your sign, and Uranus being generally annoying, you might feel pretty drained leading up to and following the new moon, given how deep your emotions run to begin with. Because it's in your sign, this new moon offers you a fraction of control over how you use it. That said, it might bring to light some unexpected information that pushes you to end or alter a pretty significant relationship, partnership, living situation, or even way of thinking that's been holding you back from what you want to achieve or how you want to feel. While that sounds scary, stay focused on what you want and feel confident that this event is pushing you past a major emotional threshold, the other side of which holds the personal growth you desperately want.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Your Ruling Planet and the New Moon Will Test How Quickly You Can Think on Your Feet

While your ruler Uranus is wreaking havoc on, well, everyone and everything, your secondary ruler Saturn will move directly between Uranus and the new moon, which is moving through your 10th house of social status. Put simply, this is likely to create tension between where you currently are and where you want to be. Some curveballs related to your career, like a major but ill-timed job offer or an unexpected new slate of responsibilities, might throw you off your game and cause you to second-guess yourself. Keeping the new moon's new beginnings in mind, however, use this shaky time as an opportunity to rethink your goals and who you are professionally. Then, take what you learn, run with it, and don't look back.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22): The New Moon Is Hitting You Incredibly Close to Home

While you're usually bursting with confidence, Leo, the Nov. 4 new moon is likely to make you retreat as it moves through your Fourth House and unexpectedly brings some family matters to light. Maybe this will come in the form of tension between family members or some old, family-related wounds could resurface. Whatever the case, you may find yourself feeling incredibly sensitive and ruminating on some deeply personal — and perhaps difficult — emotions. If there were ever a time to be kind to yourself, Leo, it's now. Use this time to shower yourself with the love and nurturing you deserve. Then, use the energy you've just poured into yourself to breathe new life into your family relationships and foster a safe, loving environment for you and everyone else.