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Instagram Captions Inspired by Netflix's Outer Banks

Love Netflix's Outer Banks? Here Are Some Instagram Captions to Prove It

Paradise on Earth
Image Source: Netflix

Sup, Pogue? If you watch Netflix's Outer Banks, you know this is a compliment. The show's quite the teen thriller, and with a lead as mesmerizing as John B, a plot like National Treasure, and a hippie bus as rad as Twinkie, it's hard not to binge through the two seasons Netflix has made so far. (Stay tuned for season three!) If you're addicted to Outer Banks and want to live the Pogue life for yourself, try out a fun Instagram caption inspired by the show. With the captions ahead, you'll feel like you're livin' in Paradise on Earth wherever you are — especially if it's warm! Grab your surfboard, swimsuit, and whatever else gives you a North Carolina coastline feel, and snap a pic! Post it with one of the OBX-inspired captions ahead. (You can thank us for the likes later.)

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