This New-Moon-in-Leo Baño Will Inspire Creativity and Love

It's once again, time to set those intentions and call in your desires. The New Moon in Leo is placed smack dab in between two supermoons. So, don't be shy about calling in what you want into your life at this time. Then watch what occurs around those intentions over the next six months until the Full Moon in Leo on January 25, 2024. It's quite magical to see your manifestations come to fruition.

Working with the supermoons this month can further support your manifestation on the new moon. We just had the Supermoon in Aquarius on Aug. 1 and the second occurs on Aug. 30. These supermoons are a great time to shed what needs to go. When we do this, we create space for new things to enter. That's where the new moon work comes in, and in the sign of Leo, you can manifest things like creativity, love and romance, and celebration, just to name a few.

Under the new moon, you can write 10 wishes you'd like to see come true. When you finish writing your list, read each wish out loud and say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you. So, be it," or "As it is written, it shall be" after each one. Then, you can place your piece of paper folded under your New Moon in Leo candle or keep all your wishes in a new moon notebook, and look back at it over time to see how many of your wishes came true!

When Is the 2023 New Moon in Leo?

The New Moon in Leo peaks at 5:37 p.m. ET on Aug. 16. You can work with this new moon's energy for up to 48 hours after its peak.

What Is the Meaning of the 2023 New Moon in Leo?

Think of Leo as the sun shining brightly, sustaining your life and everything you desire. This fire sign is chock-full of potent energy that can ignite your wishes and bring them to reality.

Leo rules personal heart connections, including dating, romance, and intense love. If you desire to open your heart to new love, wish upon the Leo new moon. If you're already in a love affair and want to deepen that connection, set those intentions.

Another area of focus under the Leo New Moon is creativity. You may wish for more artistic expression, passion, or enthusiasm. Maybe you wish for more creative projects to come your way. Tell it to the moon.

Leo also rules pleasure and celebration so wish for more fun and play to enter your life. You can also set intentions for more vacations, partying, indulging in recreational sports, and even being a little riskier for excitement. Are you holding back from truly living? Do you tend to be introverted, but desire a bit more extroversion to balance things out? The New Moon in Leo is great for ushering these things into your life.

When it comes to restoring health, Leo focuses on the back and spine, as well as, the heart. And if you're feeling particularly tired these days, wish for a full restoration of your energy to combat any exhaustion.

Remember, the new moon is here to help you bring these things into your life. Set your intentions, feel the emotions around already having those wishes come true, and believe that Spirit has your back.

What Is the Spiritual-Cleansing Prayer to Say During August's New Moon in Leo?

Great Mystery, guide me as I create new things that bring me joy. I trust that I cannot go wrong with your guidance, even when I can't clearly see the path ahead. Bless me as I put my love into everything I create. Thank you, thank you, thank you. So, be it.

Which Tarot Card Goes Well With August's New Moon in Leo?

Strength - Leo is symbolized by the Lion, one of the strongest animals in the jungle.

Which Chakra Goes With August's New Moon in Leo?

Crown Chakra — Strengthening your connection to the Divine.

Spiritual-Bath Recipe For August's New Moon in Leo



Cypress, frankincense, and/or geranium essential oils

Tiger's eye, pyrite, carnelian, and/or citrine crystals

Lemon balm, chamomile, eyebright, and/or chamomile herbs

Florida Water

Sea salt

Pink Himalayan salt

Sage and Palo Santo

Pink or green Candle


1. When your space is physically clean, it's time for a spiritual cleanse. Begin by burning some sage and allowing the smoke to waft around your space and you, too. Thank the sacred herb for clearing your space of negative and stagnant energy.

2. Next, burn a stick of Palo Santo and do the same, thanking the sacred tree as the smoke flows.

3. Fill your tub with warm water and add 1 cup of sea salt and 1 cup of Pink Himalayan salt. Mix it in with your hands until the salt is dissolved. Be present, pray, sing, and set your intentions.

4. Next, add a few handfuls of your choice of herbs, several drops of essential oils, and a few good splashes of Florida Water. Mix in with your hands, giving thanks with each step.

5. Cover the top of the baño with flower petals. Save some of your flowers for the next step.

6. With your candle, sunflowers, and crystals you can create a New Moon in Leo altar. You can set this altar in your bathroom while you soak or in a place where you can rest after your baño. If you're into journaling post-bath, then setting up an altar in your room or living room will be perfect. Light the candle, place your crystals around it and the vase of flowers. Feel free to add other things if you feel called like photos or things of importance to you.

7. Once your baño and altar are ready, it's time for you to submerge yourself in the sacred water. Feel yourself let go and relax. Allow the things you want to bring into your life to come to mind. Feel as though you have accomplished it already, and associate those emotions with the intentions you set.

8. Soak for 20 to 40 mins. Enjoy!