The Star Tarot Card Means You're Entering a New Era

Pulling The Star during your tarot reading can signify an intense and necessary renewal. If you look at its placement in the major arcana, The Star directly follows The Tower card, which represents the destruction of an old belief system, materialistic dependencies, or even an overall way of life. The Star follows The Tower by symbolizing the clarity and creativity that comes from being stripped of distractions — a phoenix rising the ashes, if you will. Ahead, delve deeper into the positivity and hope that The Star illustrates, in addition to its upright and reversed meanings and its yes and no associations.

The Star Description and Symbolism

The Star depicts a naked woman kneeling under a starry sky, completely exposed to the world around her. In each of her hands is a pitcher of water: one being poured into the pond before her, and the other into the earth. This shows that she is taking the time to nurture both her subconscious (the water) and conscious (the earth) minds.

Eight, the number of renewal, appears often throughout the card. The Star card itself is numbered 17, whose individual numbers add up to a total of eight (one plus seven). There are eight stars in the sky, each with eight points. However, one shines bigger and brighter than the rest, representing the woman's inner essence and higher meaning.

The seven other stars stand for each of the seven chakras, all illuminated in a clear night sky. There is no pollution — light or otherwise — or clouds to obscure the stars, showing that the woman has a clear view without any distractions. This allows her to be in tune with herself and focus on her work.

The Star Upright Meaning

The Star appearing upright in your spread is a sign of replenishment and creative renewal. Maybe you've lost something that was once important to you, or you're letting go of baggage that no longer serves you. Whatever your case may be, The Star invites you to enjoy the freedom of starting anew and encourages you to take the time to care for yourself and feed your creativity as you rebuild.

The Star Reversed Meaning

If The Star comes up reversed in your reading, it may be pointing to a lull in creativity, faith, or spiritual growth. Maybe you feel like you have been looking for an answer but have yet to find one. The Star urges you to minimize materialistic distractions in order to better listen to your intuitions. Only then will you be able to decipher whatever message the universe is trying to send you or see a better path forward for yourself.

The Star Yes/No Associations

The Star is a sign to stop, take a deep breath, and check in on yourself. Don't rush into anything without first taking care of your needs. The Star encourages you to paint, meditate, write, and do things to stimulate your creativity. Conversely, The Star warns against relying too much on materialistic objects to the point where you lose touch with yourself.