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Black Women Talk About What Brings Them Joy

7 Black Women on Things That Bring Them Joy

Black Women Talk About What Brings Them Joy
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As a Black woman, it took what felt like my entire lifetime to become comfortable with joy. I was so entrenched in pain and trauma that I didn't feel deserving of anything else. It doesn't help that Black women are often stereotyped as being "bitter," "angry," and "aggressive." However, it's imperative we change that narrative by amplifying Black women's joy and giving them the space to express it. As I continue along my own self-healing journey, I acknowledge that I am so much more than my suffering. I deserve to feel and embody joy without guilt! For me, being in nature, listening to music with candles lit, and fresh sheets are at the top of my list.

I spoke to seven different Black women to find out what brings them joy, and their responses filled me with so much happiness. Keep reading to see them all now, and keep spreading that light.

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