Where Was Hubie Halloween Filmed? It Wasn't All Filmed in Salem

Netflix's Hubie Halloween may be a treat, but the movie also involves a trick: most of it wasn't filmed in the town of Salem, MA. The movie, which stars Adam Sandler as Hubie, tells the story of the bumbling community volunteer from Salem who tries to make sure his town's celebrations go off without a hitch. (Spoiler alert: he fails.) The movie may take place in the historic Massachusetts town (which was made famous by the 1692 witch trials and, of course, Hocus Pocus), but filming actually took place throughout the North Shore region, including Marblehead, Ipswich, Beverly, and Danvers, among other spots. Check out the gallery for all the real-life places that you can visit from the movie.

Public Health Museum

Hubie Halloween opens with a shot of the fictitious Westford Estate Mental Hospital, but the building is actually the exterior of the Public Health Museum in Tewksbury, MA. Formerly the Old Administration Building at the historic Tewksbury Hospital, the building has also served as a location for a few scenes in Hulu's Stephen King-inspired show Castle Rock.

Crosby's Marketplace

Though Crosby's Marketplace (where Hubie is employed as a butcher) has a location in Salem, the grocery store featured in the movie is actually the Crosby's located in Marblehead, MA.

Salem Witch Museum

One of the only spots featured in Hubie Halloween that's actually located in Salem is the Salem Witch Museum, which is where Hubie and his love interest, Violet, reunite.

Moraine Farm

The scene with the barn party and the cornfield was filmed in Beverly, MA, at Moraine Farm, though the corn for the cornfield was actually grown at Marini Farm in Ipswich, MA, and replanted at Moraine Farm.

Portside Diner

The Black Cat Diner where Violet works as a waitress is actually the Portside Diner in Danvers, MA. Private homes along Ledgewood Drive in Danvers were also used for the homes of Hubie and his mom and their neighbor, Walter.

The Hotel Marblehead

The haunted house scene in the movie was filmed at two separate locations: The Hotel Marblehead (which is a boutique hotel in Marblehead, MA) for the exterior shots and Fright Kingdom (which is a real haunted house in Nashua, NH) for the interior shots.

Derby Wharf Light Station

The lighthouse seen at the end of the movie is the Derby Wharf Light Station, which is part of the Salem Maritime National Historic Site in Salem.