From Love Potions to Banishing Negativity, These #WitchTok Videos Are So Enchanting

When spooky season sets in, so does that familiar feeling we used to have growing up. You know the one: you watch Teen Witch or Hocus Pocus and wish you had magical powers too, or at least some special intuition that would set you apart from the rest. While we still wait for those powers to set in, did you know you can still get your witchy fix on TikTok?

#WitchTok is a hashtag where you can find tons of videos from practicing witches and witch enthusiasts alike. Just don't assume it's full of stereotypes like pointy hats and broomsticks, because it's actually a lot more spiritual. For instance, one TikTok user informs witches on how to be respectful at cemeteries, and another video teaches you how to make homemade potions and seal them in jars. This entire subgenre on TikTok is proof you should channel your inner witch not only around Halloween, but all year round. Keep reading for some great #WitchTok videos that you'll want to bookmark for later (and yes, there's a love potion!).

Pendulum Reading

Have a burning question that you need an answer to? Watch this pendulum reading and ask a yes or no question to see what answer beholds you.

Good Luck Spell

If you could use a bit of luck in your life, check out this TikTok. The user made a spell that can help you manifest exactly what you're hoping for.

Singing Bowl

Need a minute to just relax? Watch this TikTok of a singing bowl for your "spiritual rest stop" of the day.

Color Changing Ink

Watch this TikToker combine flowers and herbs to create some ink. It will write as a dark pink shade, but dry into a teal or dark blue color.

Good Vibes Spell

This video is peaceful and captivating. The user mixes up a good vibes potion and shuts it inside a jar with a homemade seal.

Banishing Negativity

This TikTok user uses candles, herbs, and bay leaves to banish negativity.

Cleansing a Witch's New Home

A practicing witch moves into a seven bedroom mansion. Watch how the owner and her friend confront some negative energy they've encountered in the house.

Homemade Glitter Potion

This is a next-level witch's potion. Watch this user turn glitter and other ingredients into a really cool animated potion.

Witchy Things People Do Everyday

Think you're not well versed in witch culture? Think again. There are some habits and quirks you might have developed over the years that you didn't realize have witchy origins.

How This Witch Closes Spell Jars

Watching people mix potions and spells into jars is pretty cool. What might be even cooler is how they seal it to keep anything from coming in and out.

ASMR Ink Tutorial

From the second this user starts crushing petals in a bowl, this video becomes pleasing to watch. Check out how this user makes homemade tulip ink from scratch.

DIY Love Potion

Want to get your crush to notice you? This TikToker user details a love potion using rose petals.

Signs You Might Be a Witch

Have you ever wanted to be a witch? Maybe you actually are! If you relate to any of these signs, you could possess some witchy energy.

Protection Spell Jar

This video teaches you how to make a small protection jar. It looks simple enough to DIY, and could be comforting for anyone desiring protection in their life.

Telepathic Abilities

If you've ever thought you might have some telepathic abilities, this video will help you delve into them further.

How to Enter Someone's Dreams

This user provides some insight into how you can appear in a certain someone's dream.

Graveyard Etiquette

Graveyards can be meaningful to a number of groups, including witches. This TikToker gives some advice on how to achieve proper etiquette as a witch.

Making Their Own Grimoire

A grimoire is a book containing magic spell and invocations. This user makes their own from scratch and it's a cool process to watch.

Wax Tree Stump

One witchy piece of decor you can add to your home is a wax stump. Candles become waxed onto the stump, creating a cool coloring effect as they melt.

How to Know if You're a Healer

Examine the palm of your hand to find out if you're a natural or career healer.

How to Practice Telekinisis

This person shares how you might be able to practice telekinesis — AKA, how to move something without even touching it.