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Apple Sued Over iMessage

Apple Is Going to Court For Trapping Android Texts in iMessage

One California woman, Adrienne Moore, initiated a class action lawsuit over the loss of "countless text messages" after switching from her iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy S5. Today, a judge ruled that Apple must respond to the suit in a California court, marking a big victory for this woman who dared to switch to Android.

Adrienne isn't alone. Many users have experienced this same iMessage bug after switching. When someone with an iPhone attempted to text the new Android user, the iOS-sent message would never reach the Android device and remain trapped in iMessage servers, despite marking the text as "delivered." Apple was forced to offer an official page to deregister from iMessage, but the solution was too little too late for converts like Adrienne who have already lost numerous texts to the iMessage black hole. She's seeking $5 million in damages, and fellow ex-iPhone users could stand to benefit if she wins the class action suit.

Image Source: Apple
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