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Blind Man Sees For First Time With Bionic Eye

You'll Get Chills Watching This Blind Man See His Wife For the First Time

Have some tissues handy? A 68-year-old Minnesota man was able to see his wife for the first time in a decade thanks to a bionic-eye implant, and cameras were there to capture it all. It's a deeply emotional moment, and the expression on their faces as they cry and hold each other in silence will melt your heart.

Allen Zderad is a Mayo Clinic patient and only the 15th person in the US to receive the device, after he began losing his sight 20 years ago due to a disease called retinitis pigmentosa. Because of the technology — which sends light-wave signals to optic nerves via electrodes implanted into his eye — he can now make out forms and shapes but not specific details. Still, it improves his life, and he's happy to see his wife again. "It's easy," he told the Mayo Clinic. "She's the most beautiful one in the room."

Excuse us while we deal with the tears streaming down our face.

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