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Can You Hyperlink Text in an iPhone Email?

Can You Hyperlink Text in an iPhone Email? We Have the Annoying Answer


One of the advantages (or disadvantages, depending on how you slice it) of having an iPhone is being connected 24/7. You can be reached by anyone at any time, and that includes work emails. If you use your smartphone a lot to send quick responses to coworkers and bosses, you've probably wondered if you can hyperlink text in the Mail app, which means highlighting certain key words for someone to click on to bring them to a specific website instead of having to click on the long (and usually pretty ugly-looking) URL. And the answer is, honestly, pretty annoying.

You can easily add websites to an email in your iPhone's Mail app. All you have to do is type out the whole URL, put a space after, and then send the message off. It should automatically show up in the recipient's email inbox linked and ready to be clicked on. Easy enough.

But when it comes to hyperlinking text, that's when things get a little confusing. You can't hyperlink text that's not the website URL. This means that if you would like to have the blue link show up as a fancier "Click Here" as opposed to a string of letters, periods, and slashes from a URL, you're out of luck.


After a lot of frustrating online research on ways to possibly get around this, and even a chat with someone at Apple's Genius Bar, it looks like this capability is not yet available for the iPhone's Mail app. So for now, all of those work emails containing URLs sent from your phone will have to look a little sloppy. In the meantime, at least we have the space bar hack!

Image Source: Brittany Natale
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