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Dorothy High-Tech Shoes

These High-Tech Heels Will Help You Escape an Awkward Situation

Click, click, click. Three taps is all it'll take to make your next getaway with Dorothy, an app that connects to a small Bluetooth-enabled shoe clip. This heel-clicking action will prompt your phone to ring from a fake contact and/or text your location to close family and friends.

The app works in unison with a little gadget to customize what the "three-click" action does. In addition to triggering a fake call and discreetly sending your location to loved ones, the wearable (nicknamed "Ruby") will also be able to summon an Uber or order a pizza. Soon, you'll be a couple of heel clicks away from a ride-share home, just like the "real" Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz! An accelerometer in the device detects movement (the clicks), and a tiny Arduino-powered chip called the Light Blue Bean sends the data to your phone. Pretty neat!

We've seen similar technology in the form of discreet jewelry designed to keep you safe. Cuff is a line of necklaces and bracelets that sends your location to your circle of trust with just one tap. But if jewelry isn't your style, the very hidden Dorothy is an awesome personal-security alternative. The company behind the smart shoe accessory, iStrategyLabs, is still developing the product. If there's something you'd like three clicks to request, send iStrategyLabs a message.

Image Source: iStrategyLabs
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