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Dyslexia Font

This Will Change Everything For People With Dyslexia

Imagine how difficult it would be to read letters that were rotated every which way. That's the struggle that people with dyslexia live with every day — and designer Christian Boer, who is dyslexic himself, wants that to change. For this year's Istanbul Design Biennial, he created a special font called Dyslexie that changes the character shapes enough so that each is "distinctly unique."

"When they're reading, people with dyslexia often unconsciously switch, rotate, and mirror letters in their minds," he said. In traditional fonts, letter forms are usually replicated for neatness and consistency, making it incredibly difficult for dyslexics to decipher them. Christian designed his font so that the bottom portions are heavier, to prevent readers from flipping them in their minds. You can download the font for free at Christian's website. Here's a guide on how to install fonts on your computer.

Image Source: Dezeen
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