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Flip Phone in Adele's "Hello" Video

The 1 Thing About Adele's New Video That Has People Flipping Out

Three years have come and gone since Adele graced the world with songs that break our hearts wide open. Thankfully, that drought is now over with the release of her newest single, "Hello," featuring a flip phone. (If you haven't seen the music video, you can watch it right here.)

That's right, in the music video, Adele uses a flip phone to try and contact her former lover. And no, it's not a cool flip phone like a Razr; it's a regular ole Samsung.

The Internet took no time to lament over her use of the flip phone, making jokes and wondering what was more sad — her heartbreaking lyrics or the fact that she was stuck in the early 2000s.

But, while the reactions are certainly hilarious, the video is seemingly set in the past, discussing an ex-lover, so the flip phone and other older technologies in the video are probably a nod to that era of her life. Otherwise, we'd all be looking at Adele like this guy in her video.

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