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Geeky Phrases

7 Phrases Only Geeks Will Understand

It's with a little bit of pride that we say geek speak is hard to decipher for most people. Just look at this hilarious video for proof.

While you may have heard of phrases like, "There's no place like," we've uncovered some new ones that are likely missing from your vocabulary. With a little help from Urban Dictionary and personal experience, we present you with a list that's worth memorizing. Did we miss any good ones? Let us know in the comments!

1. Keep it HTTPS, aka keep it hush.

"We're not ready for the rest of the company to see this yet, so please keep it HTTPS."

2. Inboxia, aka distress caused by email overload.

"Fact: the worst part of returning from vacation isn't denial but inboxia."

3. bPhone, aka a BlackBerry Storm or any subpar phone trying to be like the iPhone.

"My dad gave me a bPhone for my birthday. How do I tell him I will never ever use it?"

4. Spectaphile, aka someone who's turned on by people in glasses.

"Pretty sure Steph is a spectaphile considering every single guy she's dated in the past has the same glasses."

5. Charger-challenged, aka someone who never remembers to charge her cellphone.

"I hate being charger-challenged, especially when my phone dies right before I go to the gym and I have no music to work out to."

6. Geekachu, aka someone that's geeky to the max.

"Sheila went to Europe and spent the entire time in her hotel room playing World of Warcraft. What a geekachu."

7. Smartphone dead leg, aka losing feeling in your legs because of prolonged smartphone use while sitting down.

"I always get crazy smartphone dead leg when I'm playing Flappy Bird on the train. It's even worse when I'm going to the bathroom."

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