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Girl Caught in Riptide Saved by Selfie Stick

How a Selfie Stick Miraculously Saved a Teen's Life

Say what you want about selfie sticks, but they can really come in handy sometimes. Sixteen-year-old Erynn Johns was recently at Nobadeer Beach in Nantucket, MA, swimming in the ocean with her dad, Derrick, when she took her selfie stick with a GoPro attached into the water — and it ended up saving her from a dangerous riptide.

The dramatic event was captured on video, and as the riptide drags her under the water, you can see that Erynn is unable to pull herself out. She shouts, "I can't!" before her dad and other rescuers use the selfie stick to safely pull her back to shore, where she is greeted by thankful friends and family. See the scary occurrence play out for yourself above, and maybe reconsider packing a selfie stick on your next vacation.

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