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What Is the iPhone Hyphen Trick?

The iPhone Hyphen Trick Is Seriously Nerve-Wracking — Here's What You Need to Know


The amount of hidden iPhone tricks and hacks seems endless. From using your phone as a scanner to it tracking your exact locations, there's really nothing it can't do. But the latest iPhone hack — called the "hyphen trick" — might be the weirdest one yet.

For those not already familiar with the hyphen trick, it involves saying the word "hyphen" five times while using your phone's auto input via your home screen search or in notes. Many people have found that after saying the fifth "hyphen," their phone's iOs immediately "crashes" and either restarts their phone completely or closes their current screen and brings them back to their home one. Sounds kind of nerve-wracking, right?

Thankfully, although the trick is a bit anxiety-inducing (let's face it — any tech issue can feel daunting!), it apparently has no negative effects on your phone. People have reported that upon checking their smartphone afterward, nothing out of the ordinary was found and no information was lost. It just simply brought you to your home screen. It's also good to note that it only seems to affect those with iOs 12, so it may not work for those who are still operating with a lower iOs.


While this "trick" doesn't really do anything useful, people still seem excited to try it (maybe for the thrill?). So if you do, don't worry — your phone will be exactly as it was before you said "hyphen" five times.

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