15 Among Us Halloween Costumes That Are So Clever, We Can't Figure Out Who the Imposter Is

No matter what your plans for Halloween look like this year, there's still one thing you can definitely do: dress up! Whether you're hanging with your family for the holiday, hosting a small gathering with friends, or simply staying in for a horror-movie marathon, there's no reason not to go all out with your costume. And if you want to stand out this year, skip the usual lineup of Disney characters and assorted animal ears. Instead, you should absolutely go as a character from Among Us!

ICYMI, Among Us is a gaming app in which you work with local "crewmates" to either figure out who the Imposter among you is or, if you're the Imposter, cause chaos by killing others. In addition to playing this fun game and checking out the funny memes, you can also dress up like the characters for Halloween. Several TikTok creators and Instagram users have shown us multiple ways you can DIY Among Us costumes. From adding small details like stickers to opting for a full-on mono-colored suit, these Among Us costumes all look pretty simple (and cheap) for the most part. So if you're a big gamer and you want to do an Among Us costume this Halloween, keep reading to see the best costume ideas now!

Additional reporting by Lauren Harano and Melissa Santoyo

Crewmates Costumes

Why not get the whole group involved? For this Among Us costume, dress up like the in-game characters with your friends by each aiming to wear one color head to toe (sweats will do), then add masks and/or hats made from paper.

A 2-Item Imposter Costume

This Imposter costume is done 2020 style. Just grab a plain-colored hoodie and a medical mask, and you're good to go.

Plain T-Shirt Costumes

Feeling a little lazy this year? You and your friends can simply wear different colored T-shirts for this quick and easy Among Us Halloween costume.

A Deconstructed Astronaut Imposter Costume

For this Imposter costume, you'll need to buy or make a full astronaut costume (suit and helmet). Next, dye (or paint) both pieces the color you want. You can also add some black combat boots to complete the look.

DIY Egg Hat Imposter Costume

This Imposter costume idea takes a little more effort, but the end result makes for a very fun Among Us costume. First, paint a container silver in the lower right corner and along the bottom, and paint an imperfect white rectangle in the opposite corner. Next, cut a cloud shape with fabric and put pillow fluff inside. Third, cut a small yellow circle out of fabric and put pillow fluff inside. The white and yellow fabric "pillows" make an egg hat. Then, put velcro strips inside your plain-colored hoodie and on the container to make the mask. And lastly, hot glue the egg to the top of the hoodie.

Full-Suit Costumes

If you want to have a lot of fun with your costume, just get colored inflatable skin suits!

Imposter Face Paint

This costume plays off the idea of the Imposter killing the crewmates. All you need to do is sponge some red paint on your face to resemble blood, and either paint on or attach some Among Us character stickers.

Easy Costume With a Helmet

For this Among Us costume, buy a white astronaut helmet and then wear only white — think white dresses, long white socks, and white shoes. You can also hot glue a small plant to the top, made out of foam or something similar.

Among Us-Themed Outfits

Want to make your Among Us Halloween costume a little more stylish? Use a single color as inspiration and then wear literally anything you own in that color.

The Imposter Costume With Harness Straps

You can also consider this imposter costume made from a hazmat-style suit (or a yellow rain jacket and yellow pants). Cut the feet off of the costume and add harness straps for more fun.

Costumes Using Home Accessories

The best thing about Among Us costumes is that you can really get creative with how you dress up by using things from around the house like baseball caps, baskets, and even lunch boxes to accessorize your look.

Colorful Sweatshirts

If you want to be as comfortable as possible this Halloween, take note from this TikToker who just wore different colored sweatshirts. Either tie the hood over your head or wear a hat of the same color.

Use Rain Jackets

Have a colorful rain jacket? Use that as part of your Among Us costume!

Extra Details

If you really want to put care and time into your Among Us costume, add as many small (and colorful) details as you can, like eyeshadow, stickers, buttons, and more.

Full Suits For Everyone

How epic is this group costume? Make sure everyone gets a similar suit in their own color and plan who the Imposter is.