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4 Apps That Will Help You Limit Your Screen Time

The 4 Best (and Free!) Apps For Limiting Your Screen Time and Staying Present

4 Apps That Will Help You Limit Your Screen Time
Image Source: Getty / Klaus Vedfelt

If you've ever searched for an app to limit your screen time, you've probably noticed that most of the market is geared toward parental controls. But more and more, adults are looking for ways to spend less time on their phones, even attempting full-on digital detoxes. And while Android users have Google's Digital Wellbeing tool and iPhone users have Apple's Screen Time setting, we're so obsessed with our phones that putting these simple app limits in place isn't always enough to truly unplug. Using your phone less might seem like an impossibly hard task, but once you experience the benefits that come from putting down your phone and being present, it'll all be worth it. These are the four best apps to help limit your screen time — and they're free!

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