The 20 Best TikTok Filters of 2022

Pexels | cottonbro

These days, the question isn't whether you're on TikTok but rather how much time each day you're spending on the app. Whether you're scrolling through creative makeup tutorials or simple-but-satisfying recipes, there's no doubt you've encountered some of the trendy filters that many people on the app love to use. Some filters create a glowy effect, smoothing out skin and simulating makeup on the face. Other filters are sillier, matching you with your twin Disney character based on your appearance or figuring out who your celebrity parents are. There is a massive range of TikTok filters, and if you can imagine it, it probably exists.

Popular TikTok filters can be all fun and games, but some of them have brought up concerns for users. Given how drastically they can warp how we see ourselves and how we see others, it can be confusing to scroll through filtered people for hours on end. For example, the inverted filter was very popular in 2021, but it made some users feel very critical about how others see them. Nonetheless, there are plenty of popular filters that don't take themselves too seriously and are fun to try out every now and again.

Whether you want something funny or are more into the thirst-trap game, there's a filter for you in the depths of TikTok's filter library. If you're trying to keep up with the latest TikTok trends, check out these fun filters that have been all across your For You Page lately.


Your Celebrity Parents

Ever wondered who your celebrity parents would be? Finally, you'll have an answer with this filter.


Disney Character

While the technical filter simply gives you a random Disney character, people on TikTok have been using this filter to play "smash or pass" with the beloved characters of their childhood movies. We all know what to say about Prince Eric and Megara, obviously.


I Am The

This filter clears up any ambiguity of what your role in the friend group is. From the "Mom of the Friend Group" to the "Trend Setter," your role will be revealed for you to agree or disagree with.


Who You Will Marry

Who needs a crystal ball when you can find out the first initial of your one true love on TikTok? This filter seems to have it figured out. It even worked for Kate Hudson!


Dream Job

Considering a career change? Allow TikTok to help with this dream-job filter. Potential careers range from Penguinologist to Secret Agent, so perhaps you'll be inspired to pursue a new field.


Red Flags

This filter will give you three traits, and you get to decide whether this person is a green flag, meaning you'd date them, or a red flag, meaning you wouldn't. Have fun considering what traits are dealbreakers and what you could learn to compromise on.


Your Celebrity Twin

"Victorious" throwback, anyone? Avan Jogia used the "your celebrity twin" filter to discover that his twin is former costar Ariana Grande. Who will yours be?


In 10 Years

See into the future with this filter that determines where you will be in 10 years. You could be single, or you could be drinking tequila for breakfast . . . or maybe both?


Sing a Song With the Word

Songbirds, this one is for you. This filter challenges you to sing a song that has a randomly generated word within it.


Emotional Age

Ever felt like a child at heart? Perhaps your emotional age is 9 like this TikToker, who agreed with their results.


Soulmate Zodiac

Learn the zodiac sign of your soulmate with this filter. Hopefully, the stars align and you're compatible.


What Typeface Suits You

Times New Roman squad, assemble! This filter will assign you the typeface that most matches your energy. Hopefully, you don't get insulted with comic sans.



If you're looking for a funny filter that will distort your face beyond recognition, the rat filter will do the trick. Use this filter for funny cheese-related jokes like Brittany Broski did.


Toxic Trait

Find out your toxic trait, whether it's that you have no boundaries or that you're a total flirt, and humble yourself with this filter that sees the worst in all of us.


Red Hair, Blonde Hair, and Brown Hair

Test out a new hair color before you even step foot in a salon with these filters that are inspiring many to go red this spring.


Cute Makeup

If you're looking to wear "makeup" without ever grabbing your cosmetic bag, this filter could be the one for you. With cute lashes and lips, this makeup filter makes everyone look adorable.



Discover the color of your aura with this all-knowing filter. Not only will you learn the color, but you'll also learn positive (and negative) aspects about yourself that are tied to that specific aura.


Feelings May Arise

Want to get hit right in the emotions? This filter is spitting truth at those who use it and making them see themselves in a new light through its short but impactful lessons.


What Bagel Are You

We can't all be Everything, but don't you dare call us Cinnamon Raisin. Learn what bagel is most like you with this silly filter.


Little Green Bear

Looking not-so-little in this particular TikTok, the Little Green Bear can be put in any environment to do his little dance. We're in love with how cute and plant-like this tiny guy is!