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How to Do the "How a Memory Sounds" TikTok Echo Trend

TikTok's "How a Memory Sounds" Trend Is Guaranteed to Give You the Feels


Throw back :)

♬ original sound - Dorian Marko

Do you ever go through your camera roll and reminisce on old videos? TikTok's latest trend, called "how a memory sounds," turns people's videos into the illusion of a memory. The memory trend appears to have been created by TikTok user @tubwrrld, whose original video has more than 10 million views, and it's honestly pretty emotional. All you need to hop on board the trend are an old video of your choosing, some whimsical piano music layered on top, and TikTok's echo voice effect. Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy, right? Pretty much. The whole process takes a few short minutes to do, but if you're like me, finding the perfect video to match the trend might tack on some additional time. From concerts to graduations to vacations and hundreds of videos of your pets, there are so many reasons to catalog your favorite memories under this viral idea.

How to Do the "How a Memory Sounds" TikTok Trend

To make your own "how a memory sounds" trend video, start with a video that makes you feel nostalgic, whether that's nostalgic for a hilarious night out with your friends or for the really good sushi you had the other day. Once you've found the right fit, upload it to the app as you normally would. Then, select "voice effects" on the right and add the echo effect. As for the instrumental piano music, many users have been using "Original Sound" by Dorian Marko, but of course, you can choose whichever sound you wish from the vast database of emotional piano music.

How to Use the Echo Sound and Other Voice Effects on TikTok

To use the echo sound on TikTok, open the app and select the plus button to film or upload a video. Once you're done, press the red checkmark on the bottom right corner. Select "voice effects" on the right side, where you'll come across a slew of effects. Keep scrolling until you see the echo option, and hold it down to apply it to your video.

See some of the ways people are joining in on the "how a memory sounds" TikTok trend ahead.

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