This iPhone Trick Shows You How to Extract Text From a Photo Using the Google App

If there's ever been a time where text was physically written or typed on an offline document and you needed it on your phone, you probably had to spend time typing it out yourself, right? Well, there's actually a hack that lets you extract any text you want right onto your iPhone in seconds, and all you need is the Google app! Instagram user @AppleDsign made us aware of this fascinating tip, and believe it or not, it's been around for years and we haven't known about it. Yup, that's right — did you?

To do this trick, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Google Search app.
  2. Open the Google Search app.
  3. Press the lens search icon that's on the right of the Google search bar.
  4. Select "text" on the bottom.
  5. Scan any offline text, and press the shutter button.
  6. Select "copy all," and paste the text wherever you want!

So whether it be a journal that you'd like to have translated onto your phone, a paper you wrote that you'd like to make edits to, or literally anything else, this iPhone trick (or if we want to get technical, Google trick) is here to save the day. This exact function is also possible with Google Translate, so if you have the app, give it a whirl.

One user wrote on @AppleDsign's Instagram video of the hack, "I have been using this since it came out and it's saved me so much time," while another wrote, "That's amazing!" Test it out for yourself and see how handy it is. And for Android users — it's already built into your phones, so you know the deal.