ICYMI, Starbucks Has a New Earth Month Game Where You Can Win a Year of Nondairy Beverages

In celebration of Earth Day on April 22, Starbucks is shining light on its Planet Positive initiatives and encouraging its loyal customers to partake in eco-friendly activities, including its new Earth Month Game! The game gives Starbucks Rewards members a chance to win countless prizes, cast their votes toward tree reforestation initiatives, and learn more about their Planet Positive program that's keeping Earth's health top of mind. To play the limited-time game, head over to the Starbucks app and hit the "Let's Play" button to get started.

The game features all kinds of activities and puzzles along with chances to win stars, sweepstakes, and a whole year of free delicious nondairy drinks. There's an instant-win game called Choice & Chance where players can take a poll, sign up for a pledge, and learn something new about how to put the planet first. There's also a puzzle called Play & Plant where people can earn points with every move they make (read: more stars!). Along the way, there are tips and facts that can help players live a more eco-friendly life at Starbucks and beyond. The game also features sections where customers can vote for their favorite nondairy beverages and read articles that highlight the importance of combatting food waste and being more eco-conscious. (Pro tip: Starbucks Rewards members can earn more plays when they purchase items in participating stores using their Starbucks Card or a linked payment method.)

Last year, the company vowed to be more eco-conscious and prove its commitment to becoming a resource-positive company. Starbucks's environmental goals include cutting its carbon, water, and waste footprints in half by the year 2030, which is a huge undertaking. On its journey to being a more sustainable company, the coffee house has a revamped renewable-energy strategy that's working on creating an environmentally friendly menu as well as helping to provide a sustainable future for coffee-growing communities, and so much more. Most recently, the brand announced a trial run for its Borrow a Cup program, in which you pay a $1 refundable deposit to receive your drink in a reusable cup that you'll then return to a designated kiosk to be professionally cleaned.

From not using single-use plastic straws to ordering meatless meal choices (try the Impossible Breakfast Sandwich, it's a must!), Starbucks-lovers can make their carbon footprint a little bit smaller each day. Head over to the app to play the new Earth Month Game, and get excited to go green the Starbucks way.