The iPhone 11 Will Have Pet Portrait Mode, So Get Ready to Pose Your Pups

On Tuesday, Apple announced that the upcoming iPhone 11 will have one very important new feature: pet portrait mode! While this news left me feeling very excited, I also now feel very conflicted. See, after I got the iPhone X I swore I wouldn't need another upgrade for at least five years. I really thought I could stay true to my word . . . until I saw that the iPhone 11 can take photos of furry friends — dogs, cats, guinea pigs, you name it — in high-res. Now I'm rethinking everything (and reevaluating my bank account) to see how I can take advantage of this latest feature.

Unlike the X, the iPhone 11 will have new Ultra Wide and Wide cameras lenses, which work in tandem for a high-quality photo experience that allows pets to also reap the benefits of portrait mode. If you (or your four-legged companion) are interested in snagging one of these new devices for yourself, get ready to pre-order at 5 a.m. PDT on Sept. 13. The iPhone 11 starts at $699.