What to Know About Shuffles, Pinterest's New Invite-Only Collage-Making App

Pinterest's new Shuffles app is the place to be. Soft launched for iOS users last month, Shuffles is a platform for creating interactive collages using photos from Pinterest's extensive library or pictures you've snapped yourself. You can plan out your next #OOTD, make a mood board for your current aesthetic, visualize your dream home setup, and so much more. Plus, everything you add to a collage is clickable, linking back to the original Pin and, therefore, its website of origin. Sounds pretty cool, right? The only catch: Shuffles is invite only at the moment, and the invite codes are seemingly harder to come by than Willy Wonka's golden tickets.

Despite being available to download for a few weeks now, Shuffles only recently catapulted into the spotlight, thanks to the powers of TikTok. Creators are sparking interest in the app by sharing videos of their Shuffles collages soundtracked by music, which has, in turn, increased demand for invite codes. So how do you snag access to the exclusive platform, and how exactly does it work once you're on there? We've got you covered with some answers.

How Does Pinterest's Shuffles App Work?

Upon opening Shuffles for the first time, you're prompted to log into your Pinterest account so the app can access every board you've created in the past. You can then select which pinned photos you want to add to a new collage, and the tool will automatically cut out images from their backgrounds with a single tap. Once all desired images are pasted into a collage, you're free to resize, layer, rotate, delete, and add text to your heart's content.

Other fun features include the ability to make certain elements move. For example, if your mood board includes an image of a disco ball, you can make it spin so it's extra realistic. The result is reminiscent of Tumblr content circa the 2010s, with a modern-day upgrade.

Once your masterpiece is complete, you can save it to your phone, share it in a message with friends, or publish it in a Shuffles community. These communities are organized by hashtags that are searchable on the app, so you can browse what other creators are designing at any time.

Where to Get Pinterest Shuffles Codes

For the time being, you can only create a Shuffles account if you have a coveted invite code. These codes come from existing users, who receive anywhere from three to five to share with others upon joining the app. Alternatively, you can join the waitlist on the app to gain access as Pinterest slowly rolls it out to the masses. The platform explained in a recent Instagram post, "We're letting people in gradually so things don't break. We'll get you all Shuffling as soon as we can!"

If you can't bear to wait any longer, here are a few methods for snagging an invite code in the meantime.

  • Pinterest has started sharing invite codes on Instagram Stories every few days. Follow the Pinterest Instagram account, and turn on post notifications so you're alerted before the next drop.
  • People are sharing their codes all over Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. Search through hashtags like #shuffles or #shufflesbypinterest, or simply search "Shuffles invite code" on any of these apps, and reply to people who are offering theirs. Since there are likely hundreds of other people doing this at the same time as you, it's best to reply to recent posts, so you're not receiving a code that's already reached its maximum number of users.
  • The Pinterest subreddit is also flooded with people looking for and offering up their codes. Lurk on there, and again, sort by the newest posts so that you're not just seeing ones from days ago.

To see what all the hype is about, check out a few TikTok videos of Shuffles creations ahead. And if you're embarking on a journey to snatch up an invite code, may the odds be ever in your favor.