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Frozen Ever After Wait Time

You Could Watch the Frozen Movie Almost 3 Times While Waiting in Line For the New Ride

I'm afflicted with Frozen fever. I don't know how or why or when it happened, but it's been years and I still perk up when I hear the first chord of "Let It Go," I still make the "finish each others' sandwiches" joke way too often, and damn me if I don't still tear up when Olaf says that some people are worth melting for. They really are, Olaf. They really are. I got embarrassingly excited upon meeting Anna and Elsa at Disneyland and yes, I did wait in line to do this.

That all being said, the idea of waiting in line for 300 minutes, aka five hours (!!!) for a ride seems, well, kind of absurd. But that's the reality of the Frozen Ever After situation. The new ride at Walt Disney World just opened June 21, and while the actual attraction definitely sounds like it lives up to the hype, parkgoers have been sharing the shocking wait times they've experienced. While 300 minutes is the longest wait I've seen, there have been others sharing wait times in the 240-minute range and some saying they even waited six hours all in all to get in. Either way, you're looking at up to several hours to get in on the Arendelle action, which basically means spending the majority of your time at the park waiting for the ride.

Based on my aforementioned obsession, I'm certainly not one to judge . . . but it may make more sense to visit the attraction when (if?) the novelty wears off a bit so that your whole park day isn't waiting in line. Still, no matter which way you decide to do it, it definitely sounds like an amazing experience — and, according to some fans, well worth the wait!

You Could Watch the Frozen Movie Almost 3 Times While Waiting in Line For the New Ride  originally posted on POPSUGAR Smart Living
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