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Week 3: Sandwiches and Wraps

Monday: Low-cal Greek yogurt chicken salad (139 calories) on a whole wheat english muffin (120 calories) with a side salad of two cups of spinach (14 calories), half a cup of grated carrots (23 calories), half a cup of broccoli (15 calories), half a cup of diced red pepper (19 calories), and half a cup of cucumber (8 calories), topped with half a tablespoon of sunflower seeds (23 calories) and two tablespoons of Annie's Gingerly Vinaigrette (40 calories): 401 calories

Tuesday: Spinach feta wrap (252 calories) with a 4.4-ounce serving of low-fat cottage cheese (90 calories) and one cup of diced cantaloupe (53 calories): 395 calories

Wednesday: Half a black bean and sweet potato wrap (236 calories) with an easy kale salad made with two cups of baby kale (35 calories), half a cup of cucumbers (8 calories), six cherry tomatoes (18 calories), and one quarter cup of shelled edamame (50 calories), marinated with two tablespoons of Annie's Raspberry Vinaigrette (40 calories): 387 calories

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