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Beauty Tips When You're in a Relationship

4 Beauty Habits You Shouldn't Conceal From Someone You're Dating

I'm in a very happy relationship. (About time — it's been almost six years since I called a man my boyfriend.) And luckily, he was introduced to my odd beauty rituals early on — and didn't run like the dickens. From face peels to pimple cream, he's seen it all at this point, and he loves me regardless of any off-putting airbrush tan smell or Groucho Marx-esque eyebrow tint.

But like anyone entering a new relationship, I was nervous to expose my peculiar beauty habits to him. Everyone wants to paint a picture of normality in the first few months with a new SO, but it's when you reveal your guilty pleasures (Keeping Up With the Kardashians) or distastes (not a fan of pizza) that you start to bond and develop a deeper relationship.

And frankly, a lot of this has to do with your appearance at first, right? We spend so much time primping for first, second, and third dates; Kristen Wiig demonstrated it best in Bridesmaids, when she's reapplying her makeup in the bathroom early in the morning, careful not to awake a sleeping Jon Hamm. Of course she woke up looking perfect! She always does!

I'm not above putting my best foot forward and engaging it a little smoke-and-mirrors action. I do love makeup, after all! Plus, if you're going to conceal anything, conceal things that won't ruin the relationship down the road — like dark circles and blemishes — and come clean about things that make you, you. You're not the biggest football fan? (You couldn't even name a quarterback.) Who cares? You like watching Netflix on Friday nights while multimasking? Get on with your bad self. The right person won't care, and neither should you. The real hero will jump in bed and join you.

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